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Mobile Internet Users Hit 40%

Jul 19 2010

Mobile Internet Users Pew Study 2010We love Pew Internet and American Life Project for exploring the impact of the internet on families, communities and daily life. Back in January 2010, Pew Research Center reported that a whopping 74% of American adults use the internet. A most recent research report on Mobile Access in 2010 has some interesting findings:

“Nearly half of all adults (47%) go online with a laptop using a Wi-Fi connection or mobile broadband card (up from the 39% who did so as of April 2009) while 40% of adults use the internet, email or instant messaging on a mobile phone (up from the 32% of Americans who did this in 2009). This means that 59% of adults now access the internet wirelessly using a laptop or cell phone.”

For the full story visit Mobile Access 2010: Summary of Findings

Top activities for mobile and wifi laptop users include taking pictures and sending text messages. Could this finally be the year for mobile? We think so!